The Beginnings

Established only in the year 2000, Bataan 2020 took over the Samal, Bataan paper mill complex of the former Bataan Pulp and Paper Mills Inc. (BPPMI) which was established in 1956 as one of the pioneers in the Philippine paper manufacturing industry.  With the 20/20 vision that inspired its name, Bataan 2020 has greatly expanded the product lines and production output of its predecessor BPPMI.  Several new facilities, including a modern tissue-making machine purchased from an established multi-national based in the Philippines, a complete tissue converting facility housed in a new and specially designed building, and a 12.5MW integrated cogen power plant fueled by a renewable energy source, among others, are now found in the 50 - hectare Samal, Bataan complex.

In 2003, Bataan 2020 sucessfully revived the operations in the 2.3 - hectare paper mill of an affiliate in Baesa Paper Resources, Inc. (formerly Mayleen Paper, Inc) located in Quirino Highway, Baesa, Quezon City.  Its versatile paper machine is Baesa produces corrugating medium and uncoated wood-free paper, and is able to conveniently supply the needs of its Metro Manila based customers with significantly reduces transportation costs.

 Commitment to the Environment

Bataan 2020 has invested heavily in protecting the environment by employing waste minimization, multi-level recycling and segregation, and ground breaking renewable energy sources for its power requirements.

In 2005, to address the pollution caused by the use of bunker fuel in generating the steam necessary to dry its paper produce, Bataan 2020 boldly invested in three (3) independent steam generating facilities fueled by nothing more than biomass in the form of rice hull, a readily available waste product of threshed rice abundantly found in the farmlands in Central Luzon.  As a result, Bataan 2020 saves no less than 1,500,000 liters of bunker fuel per year.

In February 2006, Bataan 2020 began recycling sludge and ash waste residues from its production lines to form sodium silicate and related chemical products in commercial quantities.  These products have since been distributed to local foundries, ceramic and paper manufacturers.In February 2008, to complete its independence from fossil fuel as a source of its energy requirements, Bataan 2020 commissioned the construction of a 12.5MW combined generator power plant powered by the same biomass; rice hull.  The huge power plant was completed in time and was inaugurated in July 2009 and is now operational. Bataan 2020 is looking to assist in the power requirement of the Samal community by supplying its excess power through the proper channels.

Presently, Bataan 2020 is vigorously pursuing its bio-fertilizer project.  Inspired by the need to lift the ordinary farmers from their increasing dependence on imported and far more expensive chemical-based fertilizers, and to further harness the recyclable properties of the Company's waste products, particularly the ash and paper sludge emanating from its production lines, Batan 2020 has spared no expense in developing an effective and sustainable supply of bio-fertilizers.  Several experimental sites have yielded very encouraging results.  Not only do the rice crops grow faser and healthier, initial findings reveal that crops treated with bio-fertilizer are abetter able to withstand typhoon and floods.

Finally, Bataan 2020 continues to actively purchase and recycle used and discarded paper, cartons, and other recyclable paper-based products classified under the following:  ONP - Old News Paer; LWL - Local White Legder or Office Files; OCC - Old Corrugated Cartons commonly known as Kraft Boards; and MW - Mixed Waste.  the Company is willing to go as far as to retrieve or haul these discarded and pollutive waste products at its own expense.

The Visionaries

Bataan 2020 was founded adn is controlled by a group headed by its Chairperson Marixi Rufino Prieto, its President Alfred Y. Huang, and its Treasurer Macario S. Rufino, all of whom are prominent figures in the Philippine business scene.  Bataan 2020 is the biggest supplier of the leading newspaper "The Philippine Daily Inquirer" which is controlled by Chairperson Prieto.  Given the depth of the collective resources of Bataan 2020's Board and Management, their extensive experience in the paper manufacturing industry, and their commitment to true and effective corporate governance, Bataan 2020 promises to endure in the most challenging times in the Philippine Economy.

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